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Take the Langhe on holiday with you

The Langhe aperitif at home

L'orto al tramonto and Panorami di gusto, the two new aperitifs from ItalianMyFood. Designed to be shared with friends, to be enjoyed in front of a sunset in the mountains, on a boat or wherever you want to bring a bit of the flavours of the Langa, in combination with our Vermouth. Its sip is enveloping and warm, with a soft and sweet centre of the mouth that stretches towards a harmonious and persistent finish. We will make you live a dream experience.

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Rabbit tuna, tajarin with porcini mushrooms and bunet in the same table? You can! Take a look at our a la carte menu, create your own combinations, follow the chef's advice and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home!

Compose your menu

Take the Langhe on holiday with you

Langhe aperitifs

Where it is born

Raw material

Food and wine excellences are an expression of the Piedmontese territory. Langhe, Roero and Monferrato offer raw materials of the highest quality, recognized throughout the world, such as the white truffle, the Tonda Gentile hazelnut, the great wines, but also the minor ingredients, those that make our dishes unique, the details of the recipes on our tables.


Geographical origin

Each village, each hill, each cultivation has its own nuance of exposure, its own method of cultivation, its own history. This gives rise to rich products with varied tastes, colours and flavours.

After all, the story of a territory also starts with its cuisine.

The chef

Product processing

The ingredients, always in season, are selected by our chef and processed with care and passion, to enhance the qualities and bring out the flavors, in combinations perfectly balanced between tradition and innovation.

the dish


The dish, as we propose it, has its own aesthetics.
Follow the advice of our chef for the presentation, create the composition you prefer and remember that the difference, in the kitchen and in life, are the details.


Match with

Wine, especially in our area, is an essential element in the kitchen.
It is not simply an accompaniment to our dishes, but a real ingredient: it completes the meal, enhances the flavours of the dishes, tells the story of a land.
Choosing the right bottle is fundamental, helping you choose it is a pleasure.

The Langhe

A river, the Tanaro, divides the hills of our territory: on one side the Langhe, on the other the Roero...

The territory


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