Cascina Boschetti: when the secret ingredient at the table is wine

It is said that he who drinks well does not necessarily eat well, but he who eats well, always drinks well.
Italian My Food does not ignore this saying: every course deserves the right wine pairing.
The historic wine producer Cascina Boschetti, owned by Sergio Gomba, plays the role of partner in crime in the initiative to bring only high Piedmontese quality to the table.

Sergio belongs to that generation in which, at home and in the countryside, everyone has to contribute.
He thus learnt, even as a child, to take care of the land, to understand the vines, to know the trade.


It was 1991 when he bought a partly dilapidated farmstead in the village of Barolo, with one hectare of vines.
Nothing compared to the production we are used to today, but that's how it started.
From hectare to hectare. To make that small space bear fruit, while maintaining the excellence of the product.

The collaboration with Italian My Food is the result of the common idea of preserving the Piedmontese tradition at the table, combining flavours, studied and perfected by experience and enhancing the nuances of the courses with the right combination, which is never lacking among the Cascina Boschetti labels.


Order your menu on the Italian My Food website, follow our advice on how to create the perfect food and wine experience to impress your guests or get inspired by your favourite pairings, never forgetting that wine is not just an accompaniment to the dish, but one of the main ingredients.