The colours of spring

This year the change of season was a bit...peculiar. Many of us watched nature take on its colours from a window, while our winter sweaters were silently put aside at home, waiting for the end of the lockdown to allow us at least a walk through the slowly repopulated streets. The loneliness has been cushioned by the world of the web and social networks, and it is thanks to these non-places that we have discovered other windows from which to observe the spring: one of these is definitely, where the colors of the beautiful season have arrived with the new spring menu!

Let's start with the must of Piedmontese cuisine: meat.
White, red, black? The chef's new proposals satisfy everyone.

Guinea fowl, the queen of low-calorie white meats, is served with "giardiniera" sauce and mixed vegetables: a touch of sweet and sour to enhance an ancient tradition.

The renowned duck, black meat defatted by the freshness of orange, finds its place among chef Paganini's starters.

The Piedmontese veal chop prefers ton sur ton with bagnèt ross, but the fillet opts for the complementary colour of bagnèt verd.

Vegetables and spices work together to create fresh and delicate first courses, where you choose the cut of pasta, ranging from the different varieties of subalpine tradition.

The scents of marjoram, fine herbs, olives and artichokes lull the palate, without distracting us from the craftsmanship of the old-fashioned pasta: tajarin or ravioli del plin?

And, no: we haven't forgotten the desserts.

The aphrodisiac zabajone that paints the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe cake, with Piedmontese IGP hazelnuts, opens the dances, but there is no lack of dry pastries: buttonholes and buttons, torcèt and crisp.
Call them what you will, but don't miss them.
The delicacy of chocolate also finds space between the lips of the "baci di dama", accompanied by the scabs of the proposal "La dama e il baffo". And for those who just can't give up fruit, here are the great classics: peaches, cocoa and macaroons and apricots and croccantino.

As with all great classics, it is the reader who makes the difference. Tradition will never go out of style, as long as there are looks ready to support and celebrate it.

Don't give up on spring by staring out the window: order it at home.