Piedmontese cuisine directly to your home

A great novelty for all lovers of Piedmont and its cuisine.
Italian My Food is here, the e-commerce platform designed to allow you to enjoy at home, with a simple click, the best of food and wine production of the Langhe and Roero area. It is not just a website where you can buy products: it is a virtual space through which you can experience the real emotions that only the typical dishes of Alba's cuisine can offer.

Those who have had the pleasure of discovering this land know: through every course you live an experience that is the result of a centuries-old history, with recipes handed down from mother to daughter, before being revised, personalized and jealously guarded in the kitchens of starred chefs. Knowledge and flavours have their roots in this land of Malòra, in the poor tradition of peasant culture, as well as in the splendours of the court cuisine of the Royal House of Savoy. The passage of time has succeeded in blending styles and ingredients, making the gastronomic offer of this territory unique. Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, an extraordinary land whose wine-growing and wine-producing landscapes have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, by virtue of the extraordinary wines produced on these hills.

In this context, thanks to the initiative of a group of local entrepreneurs, under the careful supervision of each recipe by chef Stefano Paganini, was born Italian My Food, the e-commerce on which to buy Piedmontese dishes to share with family and friends.

With his creations, Stefano Paganini educates with curiosity, through recipes easy to reproduce, but never banal, with high quality raw materials. All of this always choosing seasonal and 0 km ingredients: because taste lives above all in the awareness of what is proposed.

Two different menus, with the possibility to choose also the references included in the à la carte menu, with a wide choice of starters, first courses, main courses and desserts, accompanied by the best local wines. Each dish is portioned to avoid waste, and is accompanied by a technical sheet that also contains some curiosities: every self-respecting gourmet is not satisfied with just tasting a good recipe, but wants to discover the secrets behind the sensory experience that through that dish can live. 

Because the food and wine proposal of this area is the prime mover for the tens of thousands of tourists who return to the hills of Alba and its surroundings every year. They come back because they become attached to these lands, they feel they belong to them and are attracted by them. A familiarity of territory that now allows a contact of flavors, even when the body is far away. Because if it is true that - due to the Coronavirus emergency - this year's appointment with Vinum has been missed and that the fate of the 2020 edition of the International Fair of the White Truffle of Alba is still uncertain, distance will not be an impediment to those who want to relive - in the comfort of their own homes - the emotions of the dishes and wines of the Langhe and Roero territory.

Italian My Food is a tasty way to bring with you, or rather, to you, the flavour of this land. The sensory memory is reactivated, perhaps while planning the next stay - soon, we all hope - among the hills that never tire the eye and never stop pampering the appetite of those who bring them to the table.

In short, the Langhe (and Roero) cannot be forgotten, nor, to quote the immense Pavese, lost.
With Italian My Food, reaching them is just a simple click away.