Peasant wisdom teaches us that there can only be one cock in the henhouse, which is why it was already common practice in ancient Greek times to castrate male chickens. With the added advantage that the capon, castrated at a young age,
retains a more tender and delicious meat. Made famous in Italian literature by Manzoni in I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) when the protagonist Renzo brings four live capons as a gift to Azzeccagarbugli, over the centuries it has carved out a place for itself in peasant
culture as a prestigious gift and as a succulent dish.
Boiled, its flesh is removed from the bones and cooked in jars in oil. To enhance its flavour in our salad, nothing beats the taste of the Piedmontese Black Truffle, a delicacy of the subsoil, still today the result of the work of the "trifolao", accompanied in their search by their faithful tabui, the truffle dogs.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values

1 - Capppone and black truffle

Ingredients: capon meat (used 88 g per 100 g of finished product), extra virgin olive oil, corn starch, marsala (contains SULPHITES), black truffle 0,8% (Tuber aestivum), salt.

May contain traces of NUTS, EGGS, MILK, FISH and CELERY.

Storage: Store in the refrigerator at +4°C

Nutritional Values (Average values per 100g of product):


1873 kJ / 451 kcal


35 g

- Of which saturated fatty acids:

7,7 g


13 g

- Of which sugars:

0,8 g


22 g


1,2 g


Capon meat with black truffle 200 g
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