A long and laborious preparation, which still today represents a symbol of the identity of the Langhe, in the wake of a centuries-old history: ravioli al plin were created to preserve the filling of roasts inside a thin sheet of pasta, closed with a "plin" (literally "pinch") between two edges of dough.

The best meats are selected for the filling of this tasty first course (which in the Langhe combines pork, rabbit and veal), which according to an old and curious custom should be served "al tovagliolo", without any seasoning.

Among the possible sauces, they go very well with butter and sage or, alternatively, to enhance the flavour even more, with a light and delicate sauce that blends the strong flavour of the black olives with the bitter taste of the artichokes, in the aromatic embrace of marjoram.


    Ingredients and nutritional values

    Ravioli del plin with herbs

    Ingredients: BREADCRUMBS (WHEAT FLOUR TYPE 0, BREWER'S YEAST, Salt), Spinach, Salt, Nutmeg Powder, Pepper. Flour with rice flour.

    Fresh egg pasta (45%): WHEAT FLOUR TYPE 00 (wheat origin: ITALY), SEMOLINA FLOUR (wheat origin: ITALY), fresh pasteurized EGGS - from free-range farms, origin ITALY - (20%), water.

    Ricotta: (Whey and cow's milk, salt) 68%.

    Grana Padano DOP: MILK, Salt, Rennet, Lysozyme from EGGS

    Vegetable Fibres: Potato flakes, Starch, Cream of rice

    Storage: Store in the refrigerator at +4 ° C

    Average nutritional values per 100 g:

    Energy 960 Kj/ 227 Kcal
    Fats 4,80 g
     - Of which saturates 2,86 g
    Carbohydrates 35,7 g
    - Of which sugars 1,97 g
    Protein 10,3 g
    Salt 0,95 g
    Artichoke, black olive and marjoram sauce

    Ingredients: Tomato pulp (tomato, tomato juice, acidity regulator: citric acid), artichokefi 25%, spring onions, extra virgin olive oil, black olives 1.5%, salt, basil, marjoram 0.5%.

    Origin of the tomato: Italy.

    May contain traces of: NUTS, EGGS, MILK, FISH and CEDAR.

    Storage: Store in the refrigerator at +4 ° C

    Average nutritional values per 100 g:

    Energy 327 Kj/ 79 Kcal
    Fats 5,0 g
     - Of which saturates 0,6 g
    Carbohydrates 5,3 g
    - Of which sugars 2,9 g
    Protein 1,9 g
    Salt 0,87 g