Cascina Boschetti

Barolo D.O.C.G. Boschetti 2016


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The Vineyard

Barolo (Cuneo), the vineyards are located on the slope of the "Boschetti" hill, which gives its name to one of the 181 MeGAs (Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive) approved with the new Disciplinare of 2010. It overlooks the village of Barolo and its castle to the south-west. Position: altitude 285-310 m a.s.l., south, south-west exposure Soil: calcareous marl with sandy veining

The Vintage

The 2016 vintage was certainly one of the longest, in terms of duration, in recent years. The first signs of such a long vegetative cycle occurred already at the beginning of the season, where the month of January and the first part of February were characterized by mild temperatures and low rainfall, confirming the climatic trend that was already evident in the first part of the winter. At the end of February and throughout March, on the other hand, temperatures dropped and rainfall was abundant, providing the soil with a good water reserve, although less than that recorded last year. The "late" cold weather caused a delay in vegetative recovery which can be estimated at about ten days compared to the previous year. Spring began with significant rainfall, which, however, did not cause any phytopathological damage as it was combined with a non-sensitive vegetative stage and low average temperatures, mostly due to low nighttime minimums. This phenological delay lasted until the end of the summer, which also began slowly but developed until the end of September. The delay in development observed in the first part of the year was made up for in August and September. In particular, the second part of September was decisive for the components that will determine the structure of the wines, especially as regards the accumulation of phenolic substances.


Soft pressing with destemming; fermentation at controlled temperature with maceration of 10-14 days on the skins; maturation in oak barrels and refinement in the bottle for a few months. 38 months after the harvest it is ready to be put on the market. Colour: ruby red with garnet reflections evolving with ageing. Bouquet: ethereal, intense, of ripe fruit with notes of rose and blackberry to which liquorice and spices are added with evolution. Taste: structured, elegant, recalling the olfactory sensations and with a spicy mineral aftertaste.


Serve at a temperature of 18 °C., taking care to oxygenate by decanting into a decanter or serving in large glasses in which to rotate the wine. With oxygenation you will be able to appreciate a fascinating evolution of perfumes and flavour, sip after sip.

Match with

Tajarin or plin with white Alba truffle, red meats, roasts, game, hard cheeses.

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